Marina Rizzini started to make her first garments when she was quite young, with the help of a dear aunt (and dressmaker) and her mother who had excellent knitting skills.
After a work experience in a completely different area, in 1992 she decided to open her first laboratory in Bergamo, with the help of a skilled knitter. Her desire was to create a knitwear collection based on patterns designed by her but that could be tailored to the customer’s wishes.
The number of customers and orders increased very quickly. Supported by her husband Marco, in 1998 she moved her laboratory to Torre Boldone, where it is still located today.
The recognition of her high-quality craftsmanship and the good relations with her suppliers and customers allowed the laboratory to become known abroad. She has been working for several years with customers in France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan.
Her daughter Camilla, a knitwear designer, started to work with her in December 2015. After her first important work experiences, she decided to go back to her mother’s laboratory, where she had already spent time during her studies. She was driven by the passion for this job that gives you what she calls the 5-second magic: “Seeing someone wearing a garment you’ve designed, look at themselves in the mirror, smile and feel happy and pleased with themselves. Giving them those few seconds of happiness makes my eyes shine every time”.